You Are GOD!
But Do You Feel Like It?

We hear it more and more these days. But, do you feel like God? Do you know how to get there?

The Jiiva Chakra

There is plenty of material out there claming to be able to show you the path back to Union with God. Never mind the incredible number of self-proclaimed gurus who can "teach" you a "secret technique" that can give you all your life's dreams.

But, do they work? Are there legions of God-like individuals roaming our planet?

So, what is the "Secret"?...

The Greatest Secret Ever Is "Revealed"

There is a book. Actually, a FREE electronic book. It is called Jiiva Chakra... How To Become God, written by me, Armando Capó.

Does it have all the answers? Find out for yourself!

The book can help expand your awareness by simply exposing you to material you might not be "aware" of.

If read carefully and thoroughly, it is possible to significantly shorten your "search" for God.

Actually, the book attempts to help you free your mind and achieve oneness NOW!

But, how?, you ask...

You Must Act In God's Consciousness

The human mind can be an awesome asset...

Or it can be your worst nightmare!

It is actually the only thing standing in your way of the ultimate realization...that you are in fact nothing else but God.

The Jiiva Chakra can help you create a very personal path. Because that is the only way to get there.

Creating you own path has these advantages...

  • There is no need to be "led"
  • There is no one to imitate
  • Teaches that any path is valid (develops true compassion)
  • Eases the mind's worries that you are doing something "wrong"
  • Revitalizes one's desire to experience life to the fullest
  • Increases Peace of Mind...BIG TIME!

If you are asking yourself...What do I need to do to achieve all of that?

First, download your free copy of the Jiiva Chakra electronic book now.


Find Out What Is Most Important
To You

Those things that are most important to you are your values. Do you know what they are? Do you have a list somewhere detailing what they are and why they are so valuable?

We tend to forget things. Our values are no different.

When we define them and write them down we are better equipped to defend them and spend less time defending the wrong values.

By choosing not to defend those things that are not important to us, we face much less frustrations.

Which in turn leads to greater Peace of Mind and Enjoyment.

And with clearly defined values you can...

Write Your Own
Personal Mission Statement

Companies use them. All successful companies have one.

Why not you?

A Personal Mission Statement will guide you like a lighthouse. It will be easier for you to make decisions. And because you wrote it, your decisions are based on your own values.

Easier decisions = Greater Peace of Mind.

So, do not forget to download your free copy of the Jiiva Chakra electronic book now.

It will help you to...

Design Your Own Future

We have all heard the phrase, "You cannot hit a target you cannot see."

If you are to become a co-creator with God, you should plan ahead where you want to go and what you want to do.

You will not see an architect begin a construction without a floor plan. Or an engineer build a new model without some previous design.

Living life without well thought-out goals and plans for achieving them is like haphazardly trying to build your own house block-by-block without any previous knowledge of what you want it to look like when you are finished.

Don't do that!

Your goals and a plan to achieve them are the blueprint to your success and to help bring about all of the good things God intends for you to have.

Learn how to use them.

The Jiiva Chakra will also help you to...

Kick-start Or Improve Your Personal Relationships

We all want to be loved . Whether it is from our spouses, family members, friends or others, we all seek other people's approval and love.

There is actually no need to use relationship tricks. There should be no room for mental games and manipulations.

You can increase the amount of True Love in your life.

Go for it!...

Create A Healthier Lifestyle For Yourself

Health is not composed of physical health alone. There is much more to it than just that. It is all explained in the book.

Learn how to improve your health so that you may spend less time worrying about and suffering from illnesses.

Less worries = (Yes, you guessed it!) Greater Peace of Mind .


Less illnesses = Much more Enjoyment.

The book will also teach you to...

Speak With Angels And God

So many books have come out these days that explain how to talk to the angels. It is easier than you might think and you may speak with God too!

He is closer to you than your own skin.

Speaking with God and the angels will provide you with guidance and support. It will also help increase self-reliance.

Your direct contact with The Source Of All That Is will give you all the tools you need to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Accomplishing your goals and dreams = A lot more Enjoyment!


Empower Yourself

Learn to take full responsibility...

  • Stop the blaming game
  • Stop the dependance
  • Stop the whining
  • Increase Your Peace of Mind and Enjoyment
Learn why blaming outside circumstances will never lead you out of your current situation.

It is all in you. Become your best.

And to be your best you must...

Understand How The World Works

The Jiiva Chakra will guide you to greater knowledge.

Knowledge leads to ideas. Ideas are pure creativity being born, and when put to action they are the source of all advancement.

So, knowledge = advancement and lots of new possibilities you might not have thought of!

This leads to...

Greater Enjoyment (but you knew that by now). And part of this knowledge is the understanding of the Basic Laws .

Understanding the Basic Laws will give you greater clarity as to why things happen the way they happen.

This knowledge will better prepare you, as an individual, to face the challenges presented throughout your life.

And when you feel better prepared for life, you are instantly energized and achieve Greater Peace of Mind .

So, what are you waiting for...

Download your copy of the Jiiva Chakra now.

So that you may...

Achive Self-Relization Now!

The book will help you create your own "easy" path to self-realization.

So that you may STOP the struggle with no more straining and tough to follow disciplines.

And, No Struggle = Much More Peace of Mind and Enjoyment.

What are you waiting for! Go ahead. Get your copy now.

The Jiiva Chakra is a cross between these modern classics:

  • "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Dr. Stephen R. Covey
  • "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • "The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari" by Robin S. Sharma...
And much more .

The Jiiva Chakra will reinforce all of the beautiful lessons already learned in those best-selling books and go beyond where they left off.

With reinforcement you might internalize these teachings and put them to use in your everyday life.

And because the book is a gift from the heart, especially written for you, you can rest assured that it will leave you feeling unbelievably great!

Free Bonus: By providing your name and email address in the form below you will also receive instructions via Email on getting a free copy of the Jiiva Chakra Workbook, which has easy-to-use forms to help you work on the ebook lessons. It also has extra exercises which I have found to be very helpful.

So let me be the first one to congratulate you on choosing to go for your own path. It is an awesome step you are now taking.

Best wishes now and forever,

P.S. Do not let another moment pass you by. You Are God! Start feeling and acting like it. And remember, you must try out what is presented in the book. Reading it is NOT enough. You must ACT on it.

Download your copy of the Jiiva Chakra now. It will provide you with some of the greatest experiences of your life...

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